On-Site Power

Power used on-site can be generated on-site, rather than imported from distribution grids, often more cost-effectively and with the added advantages of avoiding distribution losses and offering a measure of energy independence.

On-Site Power Latest News

Why grid resilience is moving behind the meter


This article discusses the importance of energy resilience behind the me...

Lempäälän Energia Siemens microgrid

Siemens to build microgrid in Finland


Lempäälän Energia has awarded Siemens a contract to develop a ...

COGEN Europe

Calls for greater recognition for cogeneration


EU leaders failed to agree on a new energy efficiency target, despite negotia...

DIY store to generate its own energy


A tools and hardware retail chain in the UK has announced its first net-...

Energy storage set for Korean industrial sites


Industrial and process gas firm Air Products is set to install energy storage...

COGEN Europe

COGEN Europe snapshot survey reveals big opportunity to reduce emissions lost


The new COGEN Europe National Snapshot Survey shows that the identified poten...

ABB Australian microgrid set to balance renewables


ABB is to supply a 30 MW battery storage microgrid solution to an area in Aus...

Carlsberg Falkenberg plant

Carlsberg mulling energy storage potential


Danish brewer Carlsberg is considering installation of an energy storage...


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White Papers

How to outsmart the future: understanding energy opportunities today to create an energy resilient tomorrow


Increased demand, escalating costs and unremitting pressure on the grid mean that businesses need to place less reliance on traditional supplies and start to focus not only on g...

Modeling the Grid for De-Centralized Energy


Utilities are facing massive changes that affect all aspects of their business, from planning through operations. Once an industry characterized as technology-risk averse, utili...

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